February 18, 2018

Arizona Attorney Divorce

If you are getting divorced or thinking about getting divorced in Arizona, you may want to consider mediation as an alternative to contentious litigation.

divorce mediator arizona

Arizona Divorce Mediator

Mediation is a powerful method of resolving or preventing conflict. Mediation allows participants to resolve their conflicts in a cooperative manner without the expense and complexities that litigation can bring. Litigating an Arizona Divorce can easily cost over $20,000 per side. A mediation can often be completed for less than $1500.  Also, with mediation, your divorce is generally completed in a fraction of the time it takes to complete a litigated case.

Further, unlike litigation, where you leave the fate of your finances and children in the hands of the Court, in mediation, you control the outcome of the case in a confidential, low-stress environment.

The statistics on the success of mediation are hard to ignore. The American Arbitration Association has found that mediation results in settlement over 85 percent of the time. It is easy to see why mediation in Arizona is quickly becoming one of the most popular means to end conflict.

We offer a Free in office 30 minute consultation to discuss your options when getting a divorce, including mediation, collaborative divorce and traditional litigation.  Please call 480-998-1500 to schedule your consultation with Alona M. Gottfried or email her at:  Alona@SGLawAZ.com.  For more information about mediation and our services, visit:  http://azmediator.com


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